The SpotHost guide to becoming a Superhost

Have you heard of an Airbnb Superhost? It’s a status that Airbnb award to their best hosts – and it’s become a sought-after accolade for anyone that rents out their home on the Airbnb platform.

Why? Well, being a Superhost is of course something cool to boast about to your friends. But more importantly it’s an awesome ‘badge of honour’ that sits squarely on your Airbnb profile. And it tells potential guests that Airbnb thinks you’re an excellent and trusted host – which means those potential guests will often pick you over another host. But not only that, you…

…Enjoy exclusive benefits

Superhosts also benefit from priority support from Airbnb, a filter that allows guests to search only for recognised hosts, as well as invitations to preview upcoming releases and to attend exclusive events.

Sound good? There’s more. If you maintain your Superhost status for a full year (which Airbnb evaluates four times within the year) and have an active listing on the day that marks the one-year anniversary of your Superhost status, you’ll receive a $100 travel coupon to use towards your own Airbnb trip. These Airbnb guys know what they’re doing…

Stress-free Superhosting

At SpotHost, we’re not just Airbnb experts – we’re Superhosts. Our experience of what it takes to achieve this status helps us give our clients the best possible service – so that they can do the same for their guests.

In fact, understanding the demands of having a day job and maintaining our Superhost status at the same time is what inspired us to set up SpotHost in the first place. We wanted to take away the stress – and help people achieve this coveted status at the same time.

Not as easy as it looks

So what does it take to become a Superhost? You need to maintain a 5-star standard across all your reservations. Several criteria are assessed every four months, such as the number of guests you’ve hosted (minimum of 10), your response rate (must be 90%) 5-star reviews (80% or more), commitment rate (needs to be 100%) and review rate (a minimum of 50%).

Sounds easy? It’s not. Because once you’ve put in the work to achieve the status, you must continue to put in the work to maintain the status. It can take as little as one bad guest review, the cancellation of a confirmed booking, or not replying to questions or booking enquires on time – and that’s that. Your Superhost status is gone.

5-star reviews every time

But don’t worry, SpotHost can help. Each time you host a guest, they will review your property using these criteria:

  • Overall experience
  • Cleanliness
  • Location
  • Accuracy
  •  Communication
  • Value
  •  Check-in

The rating will be from 1 star to 5 stars for each, and as well as that, your guest will write a comment about their stay which will be visible to potential guests.

At SpotHost, we can help you make sure you get the best reviews, so you could soon be on your way to becoming a Superhost and enjoy the benefits. All this, with less stress and more time to get on with other things? No wonder more and more people in Glasgow are choosing SpotHost.

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